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by Ryan Arana


  • Nate Goldman
  • Ryan Arana
  • Josh Yaganeh
  • Court Fowler

In the Spring of 2014, we needed a tool to receive location updates and callback payloads when testing the Geotrigger Service. We also wanted something fast with disposable URLs like RequestBin, but with real-time capabilities so we could see incoming requests mapped right away. So we built Geobin from scratch using Go on the server, AngularJS in the browser, and Redis as a database.

Geobin allows you to create a temporary URL to collect and inspect JSON requests that contain geographic data. Inspect the headers and body of a request and view any geographic data parsed out of the body on a map.

You can also receive data in real time. As long as your browser supports WebSockets, once you're looking at a geobin, new data will be streamed directly to the browser and any found geographic data will be mapped instantly.

Check out the project at