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Esri's Portland team will be at Realtime Conf

by Kristina Weis

This October the entire development team here at Esri's Portland R&D Center will be heading to Realtime Conf. Plus, our own Amber Case will be speaking on the history and future of calm technology and we’re sponsoring this non-profit event.

Amber speaking at Realtime

Why are we going?

Five of us went last year, and this year we’re coming back with everyone because...

  • Realtime attendees are a bunch of interesting developers who like to build interesting realtime things for the Open Web. Definitely the type of people you’d want to have a beer with if you’re a developer.
  • We care about real-time technologies and the Open Web!
  • It’s not about one technology. You'll hear people talk about Node.js to Redis, NoSQL, SSE, XMPP, WebRTC and many more. Daniel Shaw said of the conference, "RealtimeConf brings its own nature, by 'we are solving a similar problem, we aren't using the same technology.'"
  • Realtime has excellent and influential speakers in the space. There's Brendan Eich who created JavaScript, Isaac Schuelter who maintains node.js, Eran Hammer who’s the former editor of the OAuth spec, Max Ogden who's worked for Code for America and contributed a lot to node and JavaScript education (including JS for Cats), Ilya Grigorik of Google and who founded PostRank, Mikeal Rogers who's the curator of NodeConf, Arnout Kazemier and Ana Havesi who are/were at Nodejitsu (the first successful node.js platform-as-a-service startup), and Dominic Tarr who's been described as "a wandering javascript sage."

Want to join us?

Tickets may still be available at We’d love to see you!