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Amber Case Speaking at Defrag

by Kristina Weis

Amber Case - cyborg anthropologist, Geoloqi co-founder, and the director of Esri's R&D Center in Portland - will be speaking at the Defrag Conference in Colorado this November.

Defrag is a conference where thought leaders talk about the future of technology - in fact, one attendee said "Defrag is like the time machine to the year ahead."

In her presentation "The History and Future of Calm Technology," Amber will talk about wearable computing and calm technology - that is, technology that improves our lives while staying out of our way and not making us do more than we should really need to. For example, if your mobile device knows that you've been standing at a bus stop for 10 minutes, there's a good chance you'd like to know when the bus is supposed to arrive. What if standing in that location for that amount of time pressed an invisible button on your phone and it then offered you the bus schedule?

Here are some of the other presentations on Defrag's agenda:

  • The Identity Manifesto: Seven Points On The Future of Identity
  • Great, Software Ate My World. Now what?
  • Industrial Entropy and the Future of Work
  • Smart Glasses: From Today's Cool Toy to Tomorrow's Smartphone Replacement
  • The Coming Digital Dark Ages
  • The Girl Geek Imperative
  • How to make Skynet User Friendly
  • Security in the Cloud for the API Economy
  • The Future of Flying Robots
  • Healthcare After The Deluge
  • Existence as a platform: Quantified Self meets the internet of Things
  • The Future of Flying Robots
  • Surviving Startup Life
  • APIs in a Post-API World

Want to join Amber and about 325 people to learn and talk about the future of technology? Snag your Defrag ticket here.